Owner Request Form: List Owner to Owner Rental

There are a few steps involved with renting your unit to another owner.

  1. The first step in renting your unit on the Owner to Owner rental page is by completing this form. This needs to be submitted for the unit/week ownership verification and to ensure that your maintenance fees are current.  Once this is confirmed the remaining steps are as follows.
  2. The Office will then upload the information to the Owner to Owner web page and advise by email when this is accomplished. Please verify your rental unit details and advise the office if the information is incorrect.
  3. Once the unit is rented you will complete the Owner to Owner Rental Agreement and submit it to the Hawks Nest office. This form needs to include all Owner and Renter information so that our records can be updated on who will be occupying the unit. Once this is received you will get confirmation that the reservation is complete.
  4. The Office will then remove the unit from the Owner to Public Rental list, if previously listed there.

Note: to list your unit on the public rental list, please use the List Unit as Public Rental form.

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